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ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019 ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019 ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019 ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019 ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019

ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019

ISSUE 1 - Winter 2019



South of the South is here for a simple reason: to illuminate unknown Florida. SOS features the best writing and photography about a misunderstood, and defining, American place. Stories and images in SOS explore the lives, culture and environment of the United States' most touristed, and most elusive, states.

Our magazine showcases upcoming writers and photographers who represent the beating heart of Floridian journalism and creative culture.  This inaugural issue is packed cover to cover with stimulating photography, thoughtful journalistic endeavors and entertaining perspectives on what it means to be Floridian - 132 pages uncut by advertisements.

In this Issue:

Mike Adno checks in on the Keys one year after Irma. Eva Avenue and food anthropologist Chris LeClere dig deep on the datil. We plumb Daytona’s coolest legacy – motorcycle racing. We stare over the edge and into a wet abyss in Miami. We share some excellent poetry, a manifesto of sorts, swamp buggies d'art and more.

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